By Overwhelming Demand….

Here is your opportunity to explain the answers to others.

Choose whichever game answer and the BEST explanation response will be forever immortalized with your name next to it.  Get Busy!!

3 IN ONE GAME SIX (justinspuzzles.com)
Featuring: redd FOXX, pearl BAILEY, and SERGIO ARAGONÉS

3 IN ONE GAME FIVE (Georgia Lady Jen)
Jonathan Pryce, Michael Palin, Bryan Pringle.

3 IN 1 GAME FOUR (twitter.com/ohmoemusic)
Morse code = David Morse, John Steed (Character) = Ralph Fiennes, image from Memento = Guy Pearce

GAME 24 (twitter.com/capricornucopia)
Christian Bale (Batman), Heath Ledger (Joker), David Cross (Chick’n)


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