Nickelodeon + 007 + Al Capone


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  1. The 1999 remake of the Thomas crown affair

  2. The Untouchables

  3. 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair?

  4. I chose The Untouchables because Kevin Costner and Sean Connery (007) were in it. Al Capone also frequented the Svoboda Nickelodeon Tavern in Chicago, Illinois. The nickelodeon was an old-fashioned type of juke-box. I know it sounds wacky but that’s how I made my connections and got that answer. Thanks 🙂

    • You are on the right track- You need to work on the Nickelodeon portion!
      None of the 3 actors are correct!

  5. I chose it because:
    Nickelodeon: this is the one I wasn’t sure about. Rene Russo had done “Yours, Mine and Ours” which was a Nickelodeon film

    007: Pierce Brosnan is in it and he was James Bond in five of the films

    Al Capone: Ben Gazzara played Al Capone in “Capone” from 1975.

  6. Man With the Golden Gun?

  7. Ok, ok. I totally got it this time. 1979’s Saint Jack

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